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The CRE Loaded Development Center

Chain Reaction Works, Inc. welcomes you to creforge.com, the CRE Loaded Development center. Here you will find the CRE Loaded project's publicly available files and support tools. Members are welcome to create projects for collaborative development of CRE Loaded enhancements using our Subversion repository facility, and to post files for download by the community using the File Release System.

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Top Project Downloads
(927) Creloaded Documentation Project
(346) Custom Computer Creator
(133) Google Analytics Creloaded Contribution
(123) Order Tracking
(109) CRE Loaded Public
(91) CRE Loaded
(61) CRE Loaded Editor
(49) eBay and Amazon Connectors
(43) Dangling Carrot CRE
(41) cre62_standard_MVS-V1_1
Most Active This Week
( 100.0% ) CRE Loaded Public
( 92.9% ) CRE Loaded
( 85.7% ) CRE File Distribution System
( 78.6% ) Template Center
( 71.4% ) Creloaded Documentation Project
( 64.3% ) CRE Warehouse Shipping
( 57.1% ) Custom Computer Creator
( 50.0% ) Google Analytics Creloaded Contribution
( 42.9% ) Customer Testimonials
( 35.7% ) Order Tracking
( 28.6% ) Call for Price
( 21.4% ) Google XML Sitemap Feed
( 14.3% ) eBay and Amazon Connectors
( 7.1% ) Authorize.net Manual Payment Module
Recently Registered Projects
(08/10) CRE Warehouse Shipping
(08/07) CRE Gift Registry
(08/05) Google Checkout
(08/01) Attribute Weight
(07/14) Email Newsletter & Invoice Manager
(07/12) Call for Price
(07/06) PDF Datasheet Maker
(07/05) OSC Ticket System For CRE
(07/03) DealGates Auctions - InstantDeals Feeder
(07/02) Ultimate SEO URLs
Latest News
CRE Loaded To Bundle Manuals
    David Graham - 2006-07-09 10:29   -   CRE Loaded Public
CRE Loaded has begun bundling manuals from oscommerceguides.com with each full distribution Pro and B2B install or upgrade package. Standard releases include a Quick Reference Guide which may be updated to a full manual at a discount.
CRE Loaded 6.2.05 Release
    David Graham - 2006-07-04 01:07   -   CRE Loaded Public
CRE Loaded 6.2.05 is now available. Releases include the first full release of CRE Loaded Pro B2B. Enhancements include fine tuning of B2B features, addition of extensive German Language translations, many bug fixes, work to extend compliance with language system and much more. This is a recommended upgrade for all 6.2.04 users.
CRE Loaded Pro B2B Released
    David Graham - 2006-06-04 10:54   -   CRE Loaded Public
A Trial Release of CRE Loaded 6.2 Pro B2B is now available on the CRE Loaded store. Including Quantity Price Breaks per Product, Separate Pricing Per customer, a variety of cart access control features and substantial modification of all infoboxes to acommodate the B2B environment this B2B shopping cart is sure to please.
CRE Loaded 6.2 White Label Released
    David Graham - 2006-05-02 22:20   -   CRE Loaded Public
CRE Loaded 6.2 White Label Released
CRE Loaded 6.2.031 Released
    David Graham - 2006-05-02 22:20   -   CRE Loaded Public
Chain Reaction Works, Inc. announced today the release of CRE Loaded 6.2.031. This version replaces the briefly released 6.2.03, which was discovered shortly after its release this past weekend to contain partial code for an experimental change to the checkout confirmation process which would block the usage of most credit card based payment modules.



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